About Do Something, LLC -- Our Service Offerings

Do Something, LLC was formed in 2008 in Birmingham, Alabama. The firm focuses on strategic management activities of our clients. Do Something is in an Alliance with Strategic Management Services Group of Atlanta, Georgia, www.SMSGconsulting.com and the Alliances' collective strengths are in:

  • Corporate strategic planning,
  • Business unit and functional/department strategic planning
  • Competitive industry analysis
  • Business alliance development
  • Acquisition and divestiture strategy
  • Organization structure and change management
  • Leadership development
  • Customer feedback and competitive benchmarking
  • Sales management structure and strategy
  • Facilitation of work session on strategic management issues
  • Strategic Management Board peer group meetings

You'll get to know what Do Something does by pondering the following sample of strategic questions:

  • Is it important to lead as well as manage? What is the difference, and value of each?
  • How will our industry evolve? What are the trends that will reshape industry competition?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities are possible?
  • Is my sales force effective? Is it bringing in new business?
  • How do we define our business model? What are its pros/cons?

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