Welcome to "Do Something!", LLC

"Do Something!", LLC is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping client organizations sharpen their focus on leadership development, strategic insight, strategy execution, sales management and field operations.

puzzle coming togetherTom Robertshaw, has recently retired from Motion Industries after 35 years. While at this Genuine Parts Company entity, Tom progressed through the branch system, ultimately attaining the position of Senior Vice President, COO Industrial Group, Marketing and Strategic Planning. He is now engaged in building"Do Something!", LLC among interested organizations that value the insights that experience enables.

"Do Something!", LLC is also affiliated with Strategic Management Services Group (SMSG) as an SMSG Alliance member. Established in 1991, SMSG focuses on corporate strategic planning. The two firms build upon one another's competencies to deliver exceptional results for clients.

On Experience

The business world is complex today and the pace of change is accelerating. Successful business executives that have succeeded in this competitive environment have been constantly learning and adapting to the evolving market realities. Many senior leaders have accumulated a wealth of experience on how to create profitable growth strategies, execute strategies across the organization, and develop the potential of people.

You'll get to know what Do Something does by pondering the following sample of strategic questions:

  • Is it important to lead as well as manage? What is the difference, and value of each?
  • How will our industry evolve? What are the trends that will reshape industry competition?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities are possible?
  • Is my sales force effective? Is it bringing in new business?
  • How do we define our business model? What are its pros/cons?

More Questions...