compass for success


You'll get to know what Do Something does by pondering the following sample of strategic questions:

  • Is it important to lead as well as manage? What is the difference, and value of each?
  • How will our industry evolve? What are the trends that will reshape industry competition?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses? What opportunities are possible?
  • Is my sales force effective? Is it bringing in new business?
  • How do we define our business model? What are its pros/cons?
  • How are our customers and prospects changing? What do they value?
  • Do we need to globally source? Do we need to establish a private brand?
  • What are our value propositions by target? Are our strategies really differentiated?
  • What are the key strategic issues we must resolve to realize our potential?
  • What is our vision for the future? What long term goals should we set?
  • What measurable objectives are needed for the near and mid-term horizon?
  • How should we allocate our limited financial and human resources for the near and long term?
  • What strategies do we need to define and execute to accomplish our objectives?
  • What responsibilities, schedules, milestones and methods are needed for plan implementation?
  • Given the strategic directions we have set, what organizational structure is right for the future?
  • How can we do strategic planning without taking time away from our operational focus?
  • What type of strategic planning process is appropriate for our company?
  • What should be in our strategic plan? How should the document be organized and written?

…and other strategic management issues.

Tom Robertshaw

Tom Robertshaw was born in Washington, DC, in 1947, where his father, a Marine, was stationed after WWII. He grew up in various cities around the Chesapeake Bay, went to college at the University of Virginia obtaining a BS in aeronautical engineering, and the University of West Florida obtaining a MS in operations research.....

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